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LPM is a superbly orchestrated blend of property maintenance and concierge-level personal services -

exclusively for private clients of luxury vacation homes.




Having a single, cost-effective contact so responsive and proactive, you rarely need to think about anything at all.

Absolute carefree enjoyment, knowing your property is secure and impeccably cared for when you're away... and your every whim is fully arranged upon your return.

Integrating the privacy and discretion of a traditional family butler with the convenience and depth of a professional service.


At your service


Anything you may need locally…

Whenever you may need it…

Wherever you may be…

Servicing Monarch Beach, Laguna Beach & Newport Beach

Who We Are

Principled Representation

With a full time support staff of seven attentive people, and a seemingly endless Rolodex of custom home service providers, LPM has become OC’s must-have-firm to assist private high net worth families with their vacation lifestyles and manage their Luxury Coastal Vacation Homes.


Formally, as the East Coast-based executive administrator to the founder and chairman of the Country’s largest independent credit card company, Christine handled extremely detailed personal services, anticipating needs and preserved the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Christine’s ability to surround herself with quality people who get things done, and to perfection, has been at LPM’s core since she founded it in 2007. Growing just one client at a time.


Christine Lawry

President / Director of Client Relations

Ed Iglesias

Director of Private Client Services

Taylor  Orozco

Estate Manager

Cameron Carmichael

Estate Manager

Francisco Luna

Property Maintenance

Alan Luna

Property Maintenance

Samuel Hodges

Property  Maintenance

Konrad Kowalczyk

Property Maintenance

Aldo Tellez

Property Maintenance

Ashley  Kessinger

Vendor Contract Administrator

Barry Wick

  • 949-276-2272 direct ext. 204

Controller / Property Tax Appeals

Bobbi  Start

  • 949-276-2272 direct ext. 203

Accounting / Insurance & Tax Compliance

Tobias Lawry

Director of Operations / Asset Management Advisor


Head of Security / Treat Control

Our Story

How we Began


In 2007, when the five-year construction of an oceanfront vacation home at the Montage in Laguna Beach drew to a close, the owners, an East Coast family, asked us to maintain it for them. The perfect fit; a single local owners representative without any conflicts of interest.


The family's first request was to ready the just-finished home for resort like vacation occupancy during the transition from the builders and designers. Our next task was to establish and oversee its ongoing maintenance and security, and eventually retained us to handle all needs related to the property and their enjoyment during their vacation stays.


This experience showed us the need for a different approach to estate property management. An impeccable, personalized approach that went far beyond having a neighbor or handyman check on the house... and more private and valuable than retaining a live-in staff. 

The Solution Was LPM


How may we assist you?


A definitive list of our services can never exist since we're prepared to handle requests of virtually any description and complexity for you. 

Nonetheless to name a few...

Single Point of Contact

Providing you carefree enjoyment as an owners’ representative. Your direct single point of contact for anything you need to ensure your investment is always maintained to your specifications.

Vendor Management

Bidding, Negotiations, Management & monitoring of contracted service providers for landscaping, fire suppression, HVAC, Generators, Water Filtration and more. Includes license and proof of insurance monitoring.

Preventative Maintenance / Repairs

Create and execute a custom-tailored preventive maintenance plan as well as granting access to the property and overseeing completion of work. Includes labeling of emergency shut off valves, assembly of safety and emergency supply kits.

Weekly Property Checks

Detailed interior and exterior custom tailored inspections to ensure the property is meticulously cared for and operating efficiently.

Arrival / Departure Preparation

Enjoy like it’s your own six-star resort. We make sure your home is ready for your arrival to your exact specifications - lights are on, your favorite music is playing, flowers placed. When you depart, leave without a worry. Your home is immaculately cleaned, then prepared to be ready for your next arrival, the way you like it.

White Glove Cleanings / Daily Maid Service

Provide access for and oversee our professional cleaners, or yours, to ensure your property is maintained at all times and immaculate when it matters.

Single Invoice Bill Pay

The ultimate in care-free second home ownership. Any local services and bills you desire are paid for weekly through a Trust Account for you. Once a month or as necessary you simply replenish your funds. This optional service includes a detailed monthly Trust Account Summary.

Efficiency Audits

Monitoring of your reoccurring expenses and the properties efficiency. When you are not home we “hibernate” the property to save you money as well as wear & tear on your home’s systems.

Fine Custom Home Contractors

Access to our network of proven fine custom home contractors and service providers.

Personal Itinerary / Special Event Coordination

Transportation reservations, in-home dinner parties, event tickets and more.

Food & Spirit / Personal Shopping

From stocking your pantry or wine cellar to locating and purchasing that hard to find handbag from overseas for someone special, we will get what you want.

Linens, Laundry and Dry Cleaning

We ensure all of your fine fabrics are properly cared for.

House to Home / New Home Orientation

Coordination of entire moves into your new home - even from one home to another. Through New Home Orientation we work with all contractors, designers and service providers to learn the functions of your home, establish details to your specifications and help you become acquainted with any functions you choose, at your convenience.

Transportation Services

Arranging for any local transportation services.

Physical Asset Management

Manage care for your other personal belongings that may be part of your home and enjoyment such as cars, boats or art. Negotiations and delivery of new purchases.

Project Management

Your liaison for special projects from conception to completion. We will work closely with contracted service providers, such as interior designers, contractors and architects help with bidding, management, and access to property and monitoring of work.

"At Your Service" Concierge

Anything you need locally, whenever you need it, wherever you may be.

Our Rates

Services & Fees are tailored specific to your needs & preference.
All rates are available upon request.


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 "...It's like we found a genie in a bottle and every time we rub it, you appear with answers, or improvements, or cars, or groceries, or flowers, or dinner parties, you name it, you do it. You are indeed the Dream Team Genies..."   - M & J